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Really Good at Building Digital Business Tools.

We have made our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit by using our tools.... we know because we measured.

Our Goal is to make a positive difference in people’s lives through technology- that is everyone that works on these projects: customers, the people that work with us, and our own lives.

How we do this is by building business tools that actually help you accomplish your goals. Want to make more money? We know how to do that. Want to make your company more efficient? We know how to do that too.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your business grow, shoot us a call or Email.


The Things we Do...


Look and Feel...Your company image is the most valuable thing that you own. We make sure it gets done right.


Construction of all the technical stuff. Code is poetry.


We care about documenting the real world properly => Your World. We make sure that everyone else sees your world for what it really is.


Search Marketing, SEO, and the like... we can help you get your name out there.

  • Jon Paul Uritis


    Canadian-American Gypsy. Personally sold ~0.00004% of All of the Cellphones that Verizon Wireless sold in 2012. Left in 2013 because he Loves Building software. When he isn't coding/ business building: Books, Cocktails, Surfing.

  • ALF Pardo


    Angelo Pardo will be updating his bio 2/22

  • Steve House

    Chief Technology Officer

    Development career has primarily focused on mobile applications development, algorithm construction for mass consumed web applications, and security testing for cross-platform applications.

  • Ryan Urban

    Business Development

  • Chad Peppers


    Distinguished professional and military career, Chads performance varies in between outstanding and exceptional, exemplified by his many awards, including OMMA award for Website Excellence ( in 2013. Chad has spent the last 3 years building large sites and web frameworks for VML, and recently became a Acquia Certified Developer.

  • Michael Tahvildari


    Please learn more about Michael here:

  • SCG Alumni

  • Devin Harding


  • Will Owen

    Business Development

Thank you's

Big Thanks also to the following people that have donated time and resources in the past to make our organization stronger. Their talent level is something that keeps us inspired. If you happen to have a couple hundred grand lying around I would highly advise investing it in these people:

  • Dick Chambers, Business Consulting
  • Leslie Hunt, Design Genius
  • Joe Venuto, Inspiration
  • Johnny Khuc, Developer Grandmaster